Who We Are

Alan Powell, Operations Director

Alan Powell is a founder and driving force behind NG, - a veritable local food sourcing guru. He manages the often headache inducing logistics of getting the local farm produce delivered to Nashville's greatest chefs and most popular restaurants. For 6 years before NG was fully operational, Alan managed the CSA (community supported agriculture) for Long Hungry Creek Farm, the home of the "Barefoot Farmer," Jeff Poppen. Alan saw the need to restructure the food system and include local farms. By creating NG as a non-profit, these farms now have a stong economic foothold in the restaurant business where they otherwise were squeezed out by large distributors and imported produce.  Alan is a trained wild food forager.


Elizabeth Murphy, executive director

A long-time resident of Nashville, Elizabeth took the position of Executive Director after  serving on the Board. She is a practicing attorney licensed in both Tennessee and California with an extensive background in general litigation, business disputes, land use conflict, and water pollution.  Transforming into a farm advocate and local ‘fudist’ was the result of long discussions with the “Barefoot Farmer” (Jeff Poppen), more than a few walks in Long Hungry Creek and the opportunity to eat unadulterated food grown without the need for irrigation or chemicals. It tastes different for a reason. Every sale through NG cycles money back into Nashville’s booming farm community that Jeff and many others helped build and inspire.  Now, hundreds of thousands of dollars do not go to Canada, Mexico or South America, but stay here. All great places to visit, but a tomato grown in healthy Tennessee soil beats any import.  

Serving that mission and community is the Director’s top priority.  (* and yes, he really is barefoot all year long)