Who We Are

Alan Powell, Operations Director

Alan Powell is a founder and driving force behind NG, - a veritable local food sourcing guru. He manages the often headache inducing logistics of getting the local farm produce delivered to Nashville's greatest chefs and most popular restaurants. For 6 years before NG was fully operational, Alan managed the CSA (community supported agriculture) for Long Hungry Creek Farm, the home of the "Barefoot Farmer," Jeff Poppen. Alan saw the need to restructure the food system and include local farms. By creating NG as a non-profit, these farms now have a stong economic foothold in the restaurant business where they otherwise were squeezed out by large distributors and imported produce.  Alan is a trained wild food forager.


Elizabeth Murphy, executive director

Elizabeth has been in Nashville for over 20 years and came into the Executive Director position after a year on the Board of Directors. She could see both the growth and potential for the local food market and wanted to at the center of expansion.  As she sees it, local food is no longer a "trend" but rather an established part of the new food system paradigm in Nashville and the numbers prove it.   After years practicing law in land use, water pollution cases, and zoning she has seen the worst of what is possible for Tennessee landowners. Nashville Grown reduces those land use risks by expanding sales and economic footprint for the small farms who don't just talk about being 'good stewards of the land' but work everyday to make it a reality. She particularly likes weeding the garlic fields at Long Hungry Creek Farm and helping tie up hops at Sulphur Creek. Supporting Alan and building the NG network is job 1.