What We Do

We serve the local food economy. Nashville Grown is a local food hub, aggregating and distributing farm products for sale to restaurants, chefs, and caterers in Nashville. The farm products come from approximately 65 farms, all within 100 miles of Davidson County.

From organic, non-GMO eggs, to bacon, wild mushrooms, and biodynamically grown vegetables, the NG network is well-known for good quality for a reason. Many of our products could not be purchased anywhere else.

Restaurants and wholesale buyers can easily order online from our suppliers. A chef receives unlimited produce with one invoice and one delivery, simplifying life in the kitchen and removing delivery hassles for the farmers.

Are you A Farmer?

If you farm within 100 miles of Nashville and grow specialty crops without heavy inputs (chemicals) or produce a specialty local farm product, please request an account on our ordering site. Alan Powell will follow up with you to confirm your account.  If you have any questions, please email him: alan@nashvillegrown.org.

Are you a Buyer?

If your business or organization would like to purchase local produce through the Food Hub, please request an account on our ordering site.  We will follow up with you to approve your business and ensure you are comfortable with our ordering process.  We send out a bi-weekly produce email from which you can seamlessly order online.  


Looking for local businesses that buy local produce? Check out the Eat Local section of our website.