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We aggregate and distribute local food and farm products to build the capacity of our local food economy

Bountiful Blessings


The Dysinger family roots run deep in Middle Tennessee.  Their father was born in Bon Aqua – less than 20 miles away.  After a career as a globe-trotting public health physician, he and their mother decided to return to his roots and retire in Hickman County.  Finally, they came across their dream farm in 1991:  192 acres of woods, fields, hills, springs, streams and lake! At the time the property was purchased, Edwin’s family was doing community development work in Tanzania, and John’s family was teaching in Kenya, their other brother, Wayne and his family were practicing Medicine in Guam, and their sister Janelle was living in Maryland (apparently we all got some of those globe-trotting genes). John and family ended up on the farm in 1995, Janelle and family moved to the area in 1998, and Edwin and family arrived in 2006.  Wayne and family are still holding out in Southern California.

The idea of actually “farming” the farm only came about in 1998 when John was searching for a way to be more home-based and involved in his growing family. So Bountiful Blessings Farm germinated in the Fall of 1998. It started out as a strawberry farm and learned lots those first few years in the “school of hard knocks.”  With the help and encouragement of their amazing customers, Bountiful Blessings started its first CSA in the Fall of 2003.  Each year got a little better. By 2006, they had learned enough to know what didn’t work and were beginning to get a grasp on what did.  So, when Edwin, Jennifer, and family arrived that summer, with an infusion of new blood and capital, they were able to begin much needed expansion with clear direction.

Since then the farm has grown slowly but steadily – each year building on the failures and successes of the year before. Edwin and Jennifer’s married daughter moved to the farm in 2007.  With her children, there are now 4 generations living, working, and playing together on the family farm.

Farming Methods and Philosophy

We are a certified organic farm and aim to build a natural, nurturing environment for our plants. We build up the health of our soil by incorporating organic matter and fostering the growth of the millions of microbes that make nutrients available to our crops. We also choose to take a "plant positive" approach to farming rather than a "pest negative" one - rather than attacking pests, we seek to build up the health of the plant which in turn makes it less susceptible to pests and diseases. We even shy away from using organic pest control products as much as is possible. But perhaps to say it the most simply - we seek to nourish and cherish the crops that are in our care.


Approximately 8 cultivated acres of land.


47.1 miles southwest of the Nashville Farmers Market.