Food Hub

Launched in September 2012, the Food Hub is a project to connect small, sustainable local farmers with wholesale outlets like restaurants, grocery stores, and schools. 

By aggregating and distributing produce on behalf of all of Nashville’s growers, whether they’re a backyard garden or a 50 acre farm, we enable local food to reach the economies of scale needed to compete with conventional produce distributors.

We confirm local produce needs and price points of wholesale buyers, and use that information to help farms plan their production for the season. Once the crops are ready for harvest, we pick them up from farmers, repackage them, and deliver them to the buyer. Our farms get 87% of our revenue—a far cry from the 60-70% of other distributors, but a percentage we believe is essential if we are to bridge the income needs of small organic farmers with the budgets of larger institutions. 

Depending on the season, we work with 5 to 20 farms and market gardens located within 100 miles of downtown, marked in green on the map below. In our first year, we sold over $60,000 of produce. 

For Farmers

If you are interested in farming for the Food Hub, please request an account on our ordering site.  Alan Powell will follow up with you to confirm your account.  If you have any questions, please email him:

For Buyers

If your business or organization would like to purchase local produce through the Food Hub, please request an account on our ordering site.  We will follow up with you to approve your business and ensure you are comfortable with our ordering process.  We send out a bi-weekly produce email and you can seamlessly order online.  

For Eaters

Looking for local businesses that buy local produce? Check out the Find Certified Local section of our website. 

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